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Crafting Advisory Online Content

– Contributed content –

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3 Feb. 2019. There are a range of directions you could go the moment you decide to make a living sharing your vast insider knowledge and experience regarding your career, especially as the years pass on. One of them would be consultancy, perhaps the most common among those in this position.

You might decide to open up your own firm, with the intention of doing it right this time, and fixing every little mistake that irked you during the course of your career. Or, you might decide to get started in crafting advisory online content to an even larger audience. Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive, but they are by and large the three directions people go in when in this position, each one a little less likely than the last.

It can be tough to know who will consume your content, be that online, through a website or another form of competent development. It can be tough to read the market as far as this goes. Also, it can be tough to make the call of offering this advice online, because there’s a potential for the content to be viewed for free, when you could have charged big bucks in a private consultation. However, for those who believe in themselves, this decision can be an excellent one. We would like to give you some handy pointers to get started:

Your show and a premium offering

Crafting your format as a show can be important, because then it seems more professional than disparate advice given randomly. Consider giving your show a name, opening a YouTube brand account for free, and labeling each video you put up as an episode. Give your content a name and a format, and express its content in the description of each when finalizing the upload. Also open up social media accounts so your show can be reachable at any time, and allow yourself to shine as the personality.

Consider the format. Speaking through slides can be good, but better yet presenting yourself as the person, perhaps on a constructed ‘set’ can be much more personable. Remember, an easy set can be developed, as you have final control over what the camera lens sees.

The various forms

Consider what style of content you hope to opt for. An information drive purposed for professionals? A means of speaking about a complex topic in layman’s terms? Thinking about a good quirk for your show, and how you might brand yourself can help you gain an audience much more quickly, and thus enjoy a much more refined sense of what you have to offer.

Monetizing content

Monetizing your content is essential to do, and to do right. You can often achieve this quite well by using an affiliate program, monetizing your content through advertisements, or potentially even selling your own products, subscriptions or crafting your own merchandise. This can help the show continue on, and the advice continually pouring in.

With these tips, you’re sure to get started well with your advisory content advice.

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