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Tips for Running a Great Website

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16 Mar. 2020. Your website is much like a physical brick and mortar store. Depending on how you present it, how easy it is to find, and the value you offer when your inside determines your success.

The internet is rapidly changing and evolving which can make it difficult to keep up with best practices. In the article, discover the top six tips for running a great website in 2020.

1. Build a blog

Having a blog on your website has become to bringing in new customers. You must create quality content and consistently for the best results.

Showing people that you are knowledgeable in your industry helps to build trust and brand loyalty in the long-run. Using the correct SEO practices, your blog posts work like adverts driving people to your website.

2. Simple and beautiful web design

Long gone are the days of over-complicated web design. People want beautiful and easy to use websites.

Make sure your website is well presented and that navigation is clear for everyone. You want customers to get an instant feel for your business and quick access to important information.

If you’re selling a product you want them to find those prodcuts and accompanying information in the easiest way possible. Only use high-res images and your web copy should be friendly and informal but descriptive.

3. Go minimal

Minimalism is spreading to every aspect of our lives and for good reason. People want simple and concise information and design. Your website should be guide visitors through the various pages with no difficulties.

People don’t have long attention spans anymore. They want as much information pied into one short experience as possible. Only include the pertinent information and leave out the fluff.

4. Invest in writing

Writing is an art and business writing is a skill. To create the best writing for your websites you wither need to learn professional writing skills or hire those that already do.

Freelancer writers are in abundance and easy to find online. They are qualified and experienced in creating copy that drives traffic and encourages people to buy. Utilize these people if you don’t have time to learn professional writing yourself.

5. Constantly evolve

Once your website is built and published that is not the end. A website is just like a store and needs regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and appealing.

Play with images, layouts, color schemes, and themes. When you play around with your website features you can analyze your performance to see what works and what isn’t.

6. Read and use your analytics

Basic analytics are provided free by Google. Use them! Analytics is an invaluable source of information that tells you how your customers use your website and buy your products.

This information can help you change your strategy, prompt website changes, and help you to better understand your customers. Once you understand your customers you can give them what they want and appeal to their interests. This creates customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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