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Roche, DexCom to Partner on Insulin Delivery Systems

DexCom Seven Plus CGM receiver (DexCom Inc.)

DexCom Seven Plus CGM receiver (DexCom Inc.)

Roche Diagnostics, a division of the global pharmaceutical company, and DexCom Inc. in San Diego have agreed to develop an insulin delivery system for diabetics that combines the companies’ technologies. Roche also agreed to distribute DexCom’s glucose monitoring system for health care professionals.

The two companies aim to integrate DexCom’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology with the next version of Roche’s Accu-Chek insulin delivery systems for the U.S. market. The system to be developed would let U.S. users of an Accu-Chek insulin pump view their blood glucose data and insulin information on a wireless handheld device, as well as get continuous glucose readings and trends. These advances are expected to help users make therapy adjustments while operating the pump.

The proposed solution would enable the pump system’s remote control to receive continuous glucose monitoring data directly and display this information with the insulin data on the screen of a handheld device. It will provide insulin pump users and caregivers with ready access to real-time glucose values, important trending information, and alerts for hypo- and hyperglycemia.

The separate distribution agreement allows Roche Diabetes Care to sell the DexCom Seven Plus glucose monitoring system directly to health care providers, to help patients better understand their glucose patterns and trends. These monitoring data are expected to help health care providers make better-informed adjustments and tailor therapy to the needs of diabetes patients.

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