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Survey: Type-2 Diabetes Patients Would Switch from Insulin

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A new survey shows 60 percent of type-2 diabetes patients in the U.S. who currently use insulin say they would prefer switching to a less expensive bio-similar insulin if such an agent became available.  Decision Resources, a health care industry research firm, conducted the survey of diabetes patients in September 2010.

Decision Resources reports most surveyed type-2 diabetes patients indicate that they have some form of prescription coverage associated with their insurance, but patients taking insulin still say that they feel their disease is a greater financial burden compared to other types of patients.

The majority of insulin users surveyed say they are also taking at least one oral anti-diabetic, resulting in multiple co-payments each month, increasing the monthly out-of-pocket cost for these patients. The cost of test strips and glucose meters to check blood glucose levels twice a day adds another cost to patients.

The report, Patient Forum in Type-2 Diabetes: Patients Resistance to Injectable Agents May Cause Challenges for Emerging GLP-1 Analogues, is based on a survey of 502 U.S. diabetes patients. To take part in the survey, patients must have been between 18 and 80 years old, been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes by a physician, and been taking prescription medication for their diabetes at the time.

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