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Time To Replace Your Business Equipment? Let’s Find Out

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30 March 2018. At a certain point, every business owner and manager will need to ask themselves this question. Regardless of your company, tech evolves, it needs replaced and reinventing. So, what are the signs that you do need to upgrade your tech and how should you handle it when this day comes? First, let’s think about the signs.

Productivity is slowing down

You might find that your business productivity and efficiency is being impacted by the tech that you are using. This is particularly common with computers in offices. You see, when you buy your tech, it will be fast, operating effectively. It will help ensure that your employers can speed through their daily jobs. But as time goes on, the tech ages and eventually you are left with systems that are taking precious minutes to load. Those minutes may not seem like much, but ultimately they all add up and will eventually reach the point where it’s weighing down on every business process.

It’s at this point that you should think about upgrading the tech. However, you can check for other issues first. For instance, if the tech is taking a while to load, it’s possible the cause is a virus, not simply that the systems are old. This is certainly worth considering before you spend a fortune on new computers.

There’s new equipment on the market

It’s not always necessary to upgrade your systems when new technology or equipment enters the market, but it  can be worth it. Particularly, if your competitors have made similar moves. Basically, you should check out the market and see what other companies are doing. If they are upgrading their systems, then it’s probably best to follow suit. Though, you will have to weigh up the costs of this decision. Don’t forget though, it is possible to sell your old equipment in an auction to get some of the money you spent back. There’s more from Equify on this or check out similar companies to decide whether it could be the right decision for you.

You should also take into account that by upgrading your systems, you gain the chance of saving on energy which is fantastic news. Energy bills can really be a weight for your company, and if you have a chance to lower them, you should take it.

Handling the upgrade

You have two choices when you upgrade your equipment. Either you can purchase new systems and pieces of equipment, or you can rent it out. If you rent equipment, you will be saving costs in the short term but be paying more in the long term. However, you will make it easier to upgrade again in the future. Buying the equipment costs more but gives you far more control over your business model and how you use it. It also means you don’t have to add yet another monthly bill to your costs.

Ultimately, it will depend on your business model which option you choose. Some companies will find renting more useful while others will favour the security of buying the equipment outright. If you are buying, don’t forget you can get cheap, second-hand equipment online and if you buy in bulk it’s easy to keep costs under control.

Take this advice, and you should have a good idea of when it is time to upgrade your business equipment or technology.

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