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Infographic – Americans Affected by Gov’t Shutdown

Chart, survey of shutdown effects

Click on image for full-size view. (Statista)

19 Jan. 2019. The funding impasse shutting down parts of the U.S. government is now in its 29th day. As we reported in Science & Enterprise, the dispute is disrupting the conduct of science in the U.S. and affecting the work of many agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration.

Yesterday, our friends at Statista reported on a survey on how the shutdown is affecting people in the U.S., this weekend’s infographic. The results show 1 in 5 Americans (21%) are affected personally by the dispute. Those negative effects include not being able to use a government-provided service (8%), stopped from visiting a national park (7%), effects on their business (5%), not able to access a government web site (5%), and not able to apply for a passport (4%).

Nearly half of those polled (46%) report knowing someone affected by the shutdown. The survey, conducted by the Economist and market research company YouGov, queried some 1,500 Americans from 12 to 15 January.

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