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Change The Workplace Environment To Boost Productivity

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27 Feb. 2019. Arguably the most important aspect of growing your business is the employee one. But as you work to improve your employees, you have to focus on their productivity. When it comes to employee productivity, it’s not just about the individual, but the environment in which they work. This means you can do a lot to influence your employees, and what are these?

Changing your lighting

In the modern age of workplaces focused on cubicles and a more separated approach to working, this doesn’t particularly lend itself well to productivity. Modern lighting is also a big issue because of your employees spending numerous hours under these harsh artificial lights. It can demotivate your employees in so many ways. But if you look on websites like you can get some inspiration on changing your lighting to improve productivity.

Altering the colors

As the vast majority of office working environments are very and inspiring and incredibly vanilla in color, having a more vibrant approach to color can impact your employees in more ways than one. Color has been shown to stimulate the senses for whatever task is needed. For example, blue is very calming, but red can be more stimulating as far as productivity and working faster is concerned.

Letting the space reflect the culture

If you have a specific idea of the culture of the business, but you’re struggling to implement it, altering the space can help to embody certain characteristics. While the cubicle set up is particularly isolating, you may want to go for an open plan office, or go with the more modern setup where there are an abundance of large desks located everywhere to inspire collaboration.

It’s very easy to get some professional help to advise you with this, sites like can help you to design your office space so you get the desired effect. Because you can be limited by the space, you’re best using this to your advantage and making sure that the space represents the business, rather than letting the space dictate the attitudes of the workers.

Changing the ways of working

And if you are struggling to get your workers onto the same page, then you need to give consideration to the ways in which they work within the space. Some people can function better in isolation, others need a team in which to progress, but whatever the working culture is, if you can reflect this in the space, but also take the opportunity to try out individual methods, you will be able to find the right one for you eventually.

As productivity is one of those constant issues that we need to tweak, we can spend a lot of time focusing on process and cutting it down to its bare essentials, when in actual fact we may be doing our employees a disservice by having very uninspiring surroundings. It’s not just about the space, but it is the space between that may inspire, engage, and motivate your employees to further productivity.

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