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University Spinoff Designs Virtual Reality for Architects

Headset used in virtual realty system (inreal Technologies GmbH)

Headset used in virtual realty system (inreal Technologies GmbH)

A start-up company begun in 2010 by students at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany is developing virtual reality systems to enable visualizing proposed designs for building spaces before construction. The company, inreal Technologies GmbH, also in Karlsruhe, will demonstrate its system at the CeBIT technology show on 10 March in Hannover, Germany.

The inreal Technologies system uses a head-mounted display, with 3D video glasses and integrated high-resolution motion sensors. The sensors measure the position and movement of the head and thus make it possible for the virtual environment to adapt in real time.

The users of the system, such as architects or their customers, can vary the types of interiors in the display of the proposed space, such as wall color, floor cover, or room layout. “The terminal gives the users an authentic feeling of space due to intuitive navigation,” says Moritz Luck one of the company founders.

Luck, with fellow students Thomas Schander and Michael Beyhs, started inreal Technologies in 2010, while still enrolled at KIT. They received a start-up grant from the Existenzgründungen aus der Wissenschaft (Start-Ups from Science, EXIST) program of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. EXIST grants aim to help scientists, university graduates, and students develop their business ideas into business plans and advance their ideas for products and services.

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